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Autoamerica establishes itself as a business group with 20 years of market experience.

Autoamerica Group is one of the most important Brazilian manufacturers and importers of automotive products. The group operates in the departments of automotive painting, polishing and aesthetics, as well as tire distribution, with guaranteed quality and origin of products.


Gomma Pneus is one of the five largest tire importers in Brazil. Founded in 2016, the company has 19 distribution centers strategically located throughout the country, covering 90% of the national territory. The capillarization and logistics of Gomma Pneus allows it to supply around 140 thousand tires and serve more than 7.5 thousand customers between auto centers and fleets every month.
Part of the Autoamerica Group, Gomma Pneus imports and distributes products that serve from passenger cars to agricultural use. The models, manufactured in Asia and Europe, have Inmetro certificates and guaranteed origin, in addition to meeting national quality requirements and standards.

Car Care 

Autoamerica Autoproducts started in 1996, with a carwash called Clean Car. In the 2000s, the company realized that the Brazilian market still had no technical development in automotive aesthetic products. For this reason, it started to import products from the United States and distribute them in Brazil, being fundamental in the advancement of the national automotive aesthetic market.

Nowadays, Autoamerica distributes a catalog that meets all the techniques of car care products to all Brazilian regions.


Pneunet was developed in July 2015 to meet the demand of the Brazilian retail tire market. The company has imported exclusive products with personalized design, high quality and durability, in addition to more stable rolling and traction prepared for different climates and terrains. Paying attention to every detail of the logistics chain, Pneunet is concerned with the customer’s experience from the first contact, offering speed, safety and guarantee of delivery to all Brazilian regions by carrier. Soon, the company will have a multi distribution center system, allowing record delivery time to Brazil. The company offers the best prices and installment conditions on the card for those looking for quality and safety tires, in addition to a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects in all products.
Matriz: Rua Shirlei Boeira Souto, 376 – Centro Ind. Mauá
CEP: 83413-740 – Colombo – Paraná – Brasil – TEL: +55 41. 3262.8191

Compulsory recycling


According to Ibama Normative Instruction No. 1, of March 18, 2010 and Conama 416/09, all companies involved in the sale, distribution, import and manufacture of tires must prove the correct and periodic collection and disposal of tires that can no longer be used (waste tires).

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